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About Us

Mat Return Wrestling is the Lehigh Valley's only wrestling club dedicated to adults. We started Mat Return in 2022 in order to give former wrestlers a way to get back on the mats, while also giving all adults the opportunity to learn wrestling.


As former wrestlers, we missed the dynamic and challenging body movements of drilling and rolling and the competitive grind of live wrestling. It's a workout that's impossible to replicate. We knew there had to be hundreds (if not thousands) of other former wrestlers in the Lehigh Valley who felt the same. We also recognize the appreciation that Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, MMA fighters, and other martial artists have for the sport of wrestling, but they have no place to learn and practice it in any meaningful capacity. Mat Return fills these gaps in the wrestling and grappling world.


We have helped over 500 adults, aged 18-73, get on the mats to learn, practice, and compete in wrestling. We will host tournaments to give adults of all ages and experience-levels all over the region opportunities to compete, motivating them to get in shape and train wrestling. We are looking to grow the sport of wrestling by serving some of its unmet needs. We’re looking to help people get healthy. And we’re looking to have fun while doing it - WE ARE MAT RETURN WRESTLING!

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