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Who can come to Mat Return?

ANYONE!!!!! Wrestling parents, coaches, grapplers, MMA fighters, beginners, former all-stars - literally ANYONE. We want to give everyone an opportunity to get on the mats.

When and where is Mat Return?

Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7PM EST @ 

Matryx Performance Gym

1801 Union Blvd, Suite 104 Allentown, PA 18109

What does Mat Return cost?

$10 per session to pop in

$45 for the month

$400 for the year

(payable by cash, check, Venmo, Cashapp and credit card on the Plans & Pricing tab)

Can high schoolers attend Mat Return?

High schoolers are welcome but must bring an adult to lace up and join the practice.

Am I too old for Mat Return?

NEVER. We have had attendees aged 18 to 60 and will do our best to find you an age and size appropriate partner.

How do I sign up? When can I start?

Fill out the form and sign the online waiver at Just show up and pay as you go before each practice or pay ahead for the month.

What should I wear?

Athletic attire such as shorts, tee shirt, sweats, tights, rash guard, etc. Preferably no pockets or zippers. No baggy clothing. No jewelry. Wrestling shoes preferred; barefoot acceptable. 

Notice on hygiene! 

No street shoes on the mat. Workout clothes must be freshly laundered. Do not come straight from another workout sweaty or wearing dirty clothes. Participants must shower thoroughly as soon as they get home after each practice. Keep finger nails trimmed. Do not come if you have any kind of skin infection or open cuts, scrapes, questionable pimples or bug bites that could become infected. 

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